Things I Love About My Guy on Our 1st Anniversary

Today is Josh and my one year wedding anniversary. I'm so happy to have found the man I'm meant to spend my life with and, since I'm feeling all nostalgic and sappy, I thought I'd share some of the many reasons I love my guy.

I love Josh because...
✧ he refers to my growing number of white hairs as "blond."
✧ he encourages me to take naps when I'm grumpy.
✧ instead of complaining about my art projects all over the house, he cleans around them.
✧ he doesn't like spiders either, but will kill them for me.
✧ he loves our critters as much as I do and tells me stories about them. Also, Dinah loves him SO MUCH and she's super particular.
✧ he loves to cuddle as much as I do.
✧ is enthusiastic about my cooking, even when it's not that good.
✧ he's sneaky-funny...and finds me HILARIOUS!
✧ he can usually tell me where I left something I can't find...and I lose things constantly!
✧ he doesn't think I'm boring and nights in reading or having Netflix marathons is fine with him.

I hope I didn't gross you out too badly! I'm excited to dress up fancy and celebrate this weekend! 


Coming up on One Year // Our Wedding Story

My one year wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I realized that I never even shared my wedding with you guys! So, this is our wedding story.

Josh and I had each been married one time before, but neither of us had a real wedding the first time. We wanted to do something special, fun, and unconventional. We wanted a date that had meaning and decided on March 20th, the first day of Spring. The start of a new season when everything is fresh and new was the perfect day for us to start our married life together.

I didn't want to buy a white dress that I would never wear again and might be out of style by the time I could pass it down. Instead, I wore the "Stop Staring! Mad Men Eggplant Pleated Bodice Cap Sleeve Swing Dress" from Unique Vintage. (You can check out their online shop through my affiliate ad --->)

We couldn't decide what song to walk down the aisle to or who would be in charge of it. My Mom joked that we should just have our guests play "The Wedding March" on kazoos and we DID! It was awesome! My mother-in-law wrote a fun poem to explain and we had the kazoos waiting in the seats.


Peanut Butter Pie // A Vintage Recipe

This recipe is a family favorite. It was given to my Grandma by a neighbor in the 60's because she loves peanut butter so much. Grandma & Grandpa have been making it ever since.

I'm not a big peanut butter fan. In fact, I wouldn't eat it at all as a kid. This pie is still one of my favorites. The meringue and the vanilla pudding keep the pie light and not overpowering. I like to add bananas to this recipe, but you don't have to. I actually made one with and one without and they both turned out fantastic!